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Vi vil opdatere Rejsebloggen med tekst og fotos så ofte som muligt, når vi er ude at rejse. Familie og venner må meget gerne lægge kommentarer på vores Gæstebog.
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Back in Oz

EnglishPosted by Sharon Payne Wed, January 07, 2015 06:06:35

Saturday 13th December
Touch down in Darwin at 5.20am, and even though it is early it is more humid than we have experienced in Asia. I've declared all the food we are bringing in (Danish Christmas chocolate & biscuits from Natasha but as they are unopened we have no problems and are soon finished with immigration and customs.

We are on our way to my friend Robynann's unit in Nightcliff, but the taxi driver tells us there is no such street. Only when he see the street name written down does he find it on his GPS – he didn't know how to spell Grevillea. Everything is quiet when we arrive at the address, the only sign of life is a large cat, who quickly disappears as we knock on the door. Robynann and I met when we both lived in The Marquis of Wellington in London, and then travelled through Europe, before finding work in Verbier Switzerland together. After a few minutes Robynann opens the door and the ”master” of the household, Koko the cat makes an appearance again. After a cup of tea we all grab some extra sleep and awake around 11am. A lazy day - in the afternoon we do some food shopping and wander down to the Nightcliff pier.